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360Flex last day.

What a conference! The talks where really awesome so far. Not exactly sure what I will attend today. I might attend “Optimize it! ActionScript Tips for iPhone Games” followed by “Adobe is from Mars, Microsoft is from Uranus: A View from the Client”. Then I will have to split early to catch a flight to Salt Lake City for the MountainWest RubyConf 2010.

Optimize it! ActionScript Tips for iPhone Games Renaun Erickson

Renaun is Plaform Evangelist for Adobe since last week. He will put up the slides and code on his blog later today. Many of the tips are good for any Flash/Flex app not just for iPhone ones.

He will focus the talk on Memory/Cpu/Mouse Move and Game Timers.

Instead of going to the Flex/Silverlight talk, sorry Jun and Eric, I went to Nate Beck’s talk on pushbutton. And Doug McCune had something special planned for Nate’s birthday…

Flex 4: It’s a Wrap

Thank’s Tom and John…the conference was awesome!

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