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Time tracking on Rails 2.3.2

time.onrails.org was first deployed in 2005 and the last time I deployed it was in July 2007. This application is in use by several hundred people daily and several thousands did sign up over the year. It's written in old-style Rails (pre-resources) and I did port it to Rails 1.2 a while back. So today I decided to run the test suite and had a list of deprecation warnings for Rails 2.0. I did fix them all, then decided to run against Rails 2.3.2. A couple of more issues where identified (tests with fixtures should use ActionController::TestCase and ActiveRecord::TestCase) and all tests where passing. I used to have a timezone bug related to the old Rails support of time zones, so I decided to bite the bullet and try out the Rails 2.0 time zone support and found a good description here. The change was straight forward, et voila, time.onrails.org running on 2.3....not so quick. I did a cap deploy and then realized that I didn't have the latest version of Rails on my deployment system, nor did I have the latest version of the gems. So after a 'gem update --system I encountered a gem related issue but with this solution I was back in business....Et voila, time.onrails.org running on 2.3.2! Note it's still old style Rails and needs a good rewrite, but if you need a free time tracking application, just go try it out.
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