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Flex test coverage?

It’s hard to imaging writing a Rails application without using rcov and get that fuzzy feeling you tested most if not all you application. Or at least get a good idea of what’s tested. I heard way back that Alex Uhlmann was working on some test coverage tools, but I didn’t see anything coming out from Adobe. I haven’t used test coverage for my Flex apps, but want to start. Any body has any good hints, stories, frameworks they use for test unit coverage in Flex? A quick google search pointed me to this article describing Flexcover, just what I was looking for. Please share your experience.


UPDATE: I am playing with FlexCover and just saw this “Flexcover is a joint effort with Alex Uhlmann of Adobe Consulting, who has been working on a related set of ideas.”. So I guess this is really Alex’s work that Steven was referring to which is now open source under the MIT license. Cool!

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