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Sitting is killing you

I started working standing, what seems now ages ago, after a chat with Tony Hilerson when I thought…why not try it. I spend most days of the week working at a customer site and they where not just eager when I asked if I could work standing, they just went ahead and changed my work desk to a standing desk. The first few hours I felt weird…standing and coding. But after a day it felt pretty fun. During the first few weeks it was hard to go through the day without wanting to sit down, but after that period I was just feeling great after height hours of work. I felt not only that I coded hard but also that I physically did something. Another benefit it that it’s really easy when someone comes by my desk to talk that I don’t have to get up, I’m just standing there and ready to welcome them to my desk. It’s funny when you do peer programing, as after one hour anyone that is not used to work standing complains, and the we switch station. Another issue is when you work with someone of different height, I’m 6.2", then they have to look up or can even not reach the keyboard. My friend Sean tweeted about the following review on working while sitting…and I thought I share. Although I don’t know the source of that information, I can tell you that working standing is pretty fun.

Sitting is Killing You

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