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T3 Metadata Editor - A cool Flex App

A lot of my work is for enterprises for software that is hidden behind closed doors but since I started helping out Thought Equity I have a few visible apps under my belt. Just in time for March madness they released a new version of the http://vault.ncca.com, see my last year’s entry on “under the hood of a cool flex project.”

And to capture all that meta data regarding games and movies they created a whole server side infrastructure but they also needed a pretty face for all that power and I got lucky to be one of the main coder on the T3 Metadata Editor.

It’s fun to work on software that ends up in the press, here are a few extracts found on the web:


Sony Pictures is utilizing the T3 Metadata Editor to:
• Search by actor, line of dialogue, location, and a range of other parameters so that they can create interactive features that enable fans to search for words within the script and share their favorite moments
• Manage restrictions around product placements, talent clearances, and music in order to dynamically create trailers, clips, and other edits for online promotion, social linking, and targeted ads

From http://videonuze.com/blogs/?2011-04-08/Sony-Pictures-Taps-Value-of-Archive-With-Thought-Equity-s-Metadata-Editor/&id=3025

As Dan Weiner, VP of Marketing and Products at Thought Equity explained, Sony will turn what has been a non-scalable, highly manual process for understanding a film’s music clearances, product placements and talent clearances, among other things, into a technology-driven process. Ellen Goodridge, VP, Global Digital Strategy and Operations at Sony Pictures said frame-level metadata will let it create innovative digital movie extras like search and music playlists that add to the value and relevance of our digital offerings and make digital movie purchases more collectable for consumers. The deal again shows that in the digital age metadata is the coin of the realm.

You can find out more on the products home’s page :

A Flex App? Yea, Flex is really cool and allowed us to create a nice visualization of the meta data. For this end I created a custom component that allows to show thousands of entries and annotations visually. The new version in the works support hierarchies and drag and drop editing. As a framework when Cameron started the project he used the Parsley framework as one of the component was developed in pure Actionscript and we thought that Parsley could simplify integration. I still prefer Swiz, but Parsley is working out for this project.

Thanks again to the awesome team at Thought Equity, this is a fun project!


Daniel Wanja.

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