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Journey into Android Development - Part 2 : rooting the gTablet

Before continuing development I want to update the tablet. The cyanogenmod wiki seems a good resource http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/index.php?title=Viewsonic_G_Tablet:_Full_Update_Guide

A colleague received a 7" Galaxy Tab today and I must admit it seems a way nicer tablet than the gTablet…but then again I can now hack around. Let’s hope that updating the tablet won’t brick it…Then I couldn’t report much progress on the Android front as my “accountant” wouldn’t let me get another one before a while.

Note the wiki mentions to put the files on the root of the device, I did that via USB transfer.

So step 1) download ClockworkMod_Gtab_v08.zip, unzip and copy the recovery folder and update.zip to the root of the internal memory.

That worked, also I tried yesterday and push the power button and the volume up button, but that didn’t put me in the recovery mode. But pushing the volume up and power button works

Step 2) Flashing CyanogenMod via the Recovery. Note I should try via RomManager.


I moved the previous update.zip to a backup folder and just moved the above two files to root of the internal sd card. Then renamed update-cm-7.0.0-Beta1-Harmony-signed.zip to update.zip and rebooted in recovery mode. Selected “apply sdcard:update.zip” from the menu and pressed the home button and selected yes. The install is underway and takes longer than step 1. Rebooting…shoold have booted in recovery mode. Will do it next. Yea the startup logo is already different and show “cyanogen 7”…and loops…and booted. Ok, shutting down once more and restart in recovery mode to “Wipe data/factory reset” and then “Wipe cache partition”. 

Now I select “Install zip from sdcard” and select the google apps: gapps-gb-20110307-signed.zip.

Press the back button and select “reboot system now”. 

I like it, in the apps there is Terminal Emulator app. Managed to get the wifi connect…and again problems with the security certificate. Is that an android issue, or maybe there is something wrong with my network…I don’t think so. So the OS look way nicer, but still cannot access the Android Market place…the app starts and shutdowns.

After a reboot the tablet is stuck in startup mode, shows “ANDROID” and that’s it. USB doesn’t connect, so now I have to find another way to get the next update on the tablet. Ok Wiping the data and cache as in step 2 put the tablet back in business.

All right that’s it for tonight, I shall check if I can’t find a better rom next.

UPDATE: (4/10/11) Actually after playing with the Cyanogen I must say it works quite well. I have no problem accessing the drive when connecting the table via USB. The device is very responsife and I had no issue installing the Amazon AppStore. Just download the .apk and moved it to the tablet and Angry Bird here I come.

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