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360 Flex - Day 2 (Monday Morning) - Live Blogging



Actually today is the first day of the conference. Yesterday was a tutorial day which was really fun. Today there will be a bunch of 1h20m sessions throughout the day. The conference is at the ebay headquarters.


I was with three other guys from Denver and we nearly missed the start of the keynote as we took the light rail in the wrong direction. How can 4 engineers go so wrong? :-) Anyhow it doesn’t seem we missed to much as it’s starting with a talk from the sponsor (ebay/paypal) about the eBay developer program.


Now onto the main keynote by Deepa Subramaniam on the Adobe Flash Platform for her first keynote given ever. She is the new Product Manager of the Flex SDK.

360flex_4_ Deepa.png

It’s great that Deepa become the project manager of Flex 4, she understand what’s programming is about. She now continues her talk on the Open Screen project.

Developing multi-screen applications (phone .vs. desktop…)

Cross screen challenges/Cross device challenges

Flex can help – Slider (Mobile Flex Framework)

The Slider team is hard a work and hope to have a preview available this year :-(… I want it earlier!

Growing Flex Ecosystem:

All data visualization components now available in the free open-source Flex SDK!

Cool John is saying that they are recording the videos of each session.

Appocalypse Soon? The remaking of ‘Flex Components’ – Michael Labriola

It’s full house for Michael’s talk. I’m not sure how much live blogging I should do has they are video tapping each session.

This session is part of his continuing quest to teach Flex from the inside out. To learn about the Flash Player and the Flex framework.

Going to derive the Flex framework. Implement a custom component.

Michael is not explain how the code execution is managed by the Flash Player and executed during a frame.

New Hierarchy:


Skins: specify a HostComponent


Declare states

	<s:State name="up" />
	<s:State name="over" />

This was a great talk and clarifies many things which is great timing as I’m starting to dive deeper into Flex 4.

To be continued…

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