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RubyConf 2008 videos available at confreaks.com - Thank you!

I couldn’t make it this year to RubyConf so I am really thankful to see that most of the presentations are online at confreaks. It’s just awesome that these videos are made available online and so quickly after the conference and for free. It’s a real tribute to the Ruby community and it’s open and sharing spirit. Thanks guys! My understanding is that the rubyconf pays Confreaks to take, processes and distribute these videos. Let me know if the arrangement is different, to give credit where credit is due. Thanks RubyConf and the presenters, and good job Confreaks.

Here are the videos I selected for my commute this week.

View the full list of videos available here.

You may wonder why I would watch videos during my commute. Effectively I drive 40 minutes each way to my customers (happen to be both near enough for me to drive and not tele-commute) and this gives me a chance to catch up on many of the excellent screencast and podcast out there. Now when one screencast really sticks out, I watch it again at night…without driving ;-).

This said I converted the confreaks small videos format (640 × 240) to the iPhone format using Quicktime pro, but I only get the sound…which is fine for my commute. Any hint on how I can convert them to also get the video going would be appreciated?


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