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Moving "private" and non-Rails related entries to http:blog.wanja.com

I received a couple of comments and emails about my non-Rails related entries, more specifically about the iPhone related entries. So from now on I will move these type of entries to my new "private" blog http://blog.wanja.com. As I am starting the development of a new iPhone app and will report about it over there. I am still doing quite some Rails related work and will keep posting about it here (http://onrails.org). I am also experimenting with MacRuby, which is so cool, and will report about it here unless it's specific to iPhone development. I short if you are only interested in Rails or Ruby keep ready this blog, if you are interested in the other "stuff" I play with, such a iPhone, games, Wii, PS3, programming the Wii Remote, and any other geek stuff, check out http://blog.wanja.com
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