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Full time hard core Flex Developer position in Denver.

One of my customers, Fiserv Insurance Solutions, looks for an experienced Flex Developer for one of it’s new project. In short they are looking for a good Flex developer. Here is an extract of the job post and you can read more about here.

We are seeking a senior level software developer proficient in ActionScript and Flex to join our team building the cutting-edge browser-based applications. Extensive experience with Rich Internet Application (RIA) development using Adobe Flex and ActionScript is required. You will be involved in designing and implementing a creative and innovative application platform with Adobe Flex which will be used to build very large projects (300+ screens). Qualified applicants will have 3+ years of in-depth ActionScript development experience developing RIA applications, and at least a year of full time, hard core Flex experience. Also required is experience with Flex Remoting (AMF) and experience with Flex frameworks such as Mate, PureMVC or Cairngorm.

Knowledge and Desire Skills

Deep understanding of Flex internals:

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