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Sarah Palin Email...forget privacy on the net.

I was watching Bill O’reilly on Fox and just saw that Sarah Palin’s email account was hacked and leaked to on the internet…that’s 11 or more hours after the fact apparently and I wanted to do a quick check if they managed to stop the propagation of these emails. I said to myself, left see if I can get access to the full text in less than 5 minutes starting on Google. Well, it didn’t work out, but many source reported the information, but most of the sites that have it are currently down. But in short, on the net just forget about privacy. I know, you don’t want your private stuff to be out there, but it eventually will be. I don’t want the picture of my kids on the net…but if they once get indexed by on of the bots…google and others..they are out there. Now I hope my emails don’t become public…but emails are not secure anyhow unless you encrypt them.

So here is what my quick search returned:

Well that was futile search, but I wanted to see how news spreads on the internet and how the force will try to stop it. Now it’s time to check out Star Wars the Force Unleashed for the iPhone.

Now for the readers of my blog, this has nothing to do with Flex or Rails, but hey! Also if you wonder what I was doing watching O’Reilly, let’s simply say I watch many news source from many countries and like diversity of information, but very often I don’t share his or Fox way of propaganda, but I enjoy the topics addressed.

That’s the most political blog ever as I don’t want to bug my readers here, I’m definitively less expressive than my friend John, but in any case and for the future or the country my children, go Obama!

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