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WebSnapshot Updated.


The guys running the Adobe AIR Marketplace contacted me a couple of weeks ago to publish Websnapshot on the market place. Then they kindly gave me a free Thawte code signing certificate. So I republished the app and changed the skin, I used the Darkroom theme found on scalenine.com. Thawte didn’t make it easy on me to get the certificate. The main issue was that I didn’t have a phone number associated with my company name, therefore Thawte wanted me to send a phone bill with my company name (thug!) or a notarized letter. I had to resend three times the letter as first they couldn’t read it, then it didn’t show some required date…Well, finally I got the certificate and could sign the application. I don’t believe it will make a difference to many users as most people currently install non-signed apps anyhow. Now that certificate was changed from the initial I used to sign the application it will however require that you uninstall first the application if it was already installed.

You can now find the application on the Marketplace or here.

It’s basically the same version than before with just a minor scaling issue fixed. What I need to add next is auto update, custom filenames, saving to s3 and Flickr.


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