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Does a good idea make a good business?...One year later!

A year ago we started a new venture to create small internet “service” business. We had an idea, and started implementing it Monday nights. I would like to use this blog post to reflect on where we are at. The short story is that a year after we still haven’t released a version and that feels a little frustrating. A year ago I asked on this blog if a good idea makes a good business? I was really trying to think about which of the different ideas we had I wanted to follow. Several people contacted me on the blog and offline, and I liked Pascal’s comment on the question mentioning that it boils down to execution. Reflecting on this, I believe we executed well, we persevered, we made huge progress, we solved many technical challenges, the application starts to look good, starts to work pretty well, is useful, but is not done yet. The main reasons is that we need to build a massive server side infrastructure to support this service. This isn’t as bad as it sounds as today with EC2, S3, and other hosting providers you can create some pretty scalable solutions in a pretty cost effective way, but we need to nail this down before starting to open the service to the public. Now you may wonder why we don’t just doit! This is the reasons why I am writing this post. I’ll be slowing down my “outside normal work” activities over the next several month to focus on our soon to be released child #3. Lee also just had child #1, and it will certainly take him some time to adjust to his new environment and schedule. It wouldn’t be fair to let Sol carry the development on by himself during that time and Lomax, the designer, really needs the developers to get the backend going before adding his magic design touch to the user interface. So I believe focus, patience and perseverance is also required to make a good business. It’s hard to explain in words, but the service we are developing will be useful for many internet users in it’s first iteration, and we already envision the next version that will allow to target online companies and will provide them with a unique service which hopefully will be very profitable for us. So I hope we will pickup the development in a couple of month and just be able to get it out the door. This will then only be the beginning…

Have fun!

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