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Focus of the day.

I am writing this to make sure I stay focused today. There are currently four projects in my head… MySpyder.net sorry, but not you today. That’s three left. Then there is MunchAway which I need to put on hold unil Monday, where I should Ajaxify the login. Ok, that leaves the “BOOK” and Digital-Seed.

For the book I should

1) write a script to generate the whole model and controllers using generate scaffolding…that will let me rerun it a couple of times until we get it right. I.e. rake scaffold:migrate [VERSION=n] allowing to add and remove stuff…this should also take care of nested resource.

2) Write some initial rSpecs to ensure that the model is right

For DigitalSeed I need

1) integrate the LayoutManager functionality into the base application

2) Refine the Widget drap&drop to visually indicate where the dragged item will appear if dropped.

The Book will be for tonight once the kids and wife are asleep…so let’s get started with Digital-Seed!

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