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Unobtrusive Javascript with Lowpro and Ruby On Rails

Check out http://www.danwebb.net/lowpro for more info on LowPro, a very elegant approach to do Unobtrusive Javascript with Ruby On Rails. Find hereafter a small example of how to add a custom behavior to link.

The View

<%= javascript_include_tag ‘prototype’, ‘lowpro’, ‘remote’, ‘application’ >

    < for watch_result in watch_results %> <li> <%= link_to watch_result.created_at.to_s(:db), diff_watch_result_url(watch, watch_result),
    {:id => dom_id(watch_result) }

    <% end %>

The Javascript

LoadWatchResult = Remote.Link({
onLoading : function() {
onComplete : function(e) {
var source = Event.element(e);
$$(‘div#result_list ul a.active’).each(function (e) {e.removeClassName(‘active’)});

‘#result_list ul li a’: LoadWatchResult

The ‘remote.js’ provides additional behaviors creatde by Dan Wedb as part of LowPro (http://svn.danwebb.net/external/lowpro/trunk/behaviours/). The LoadWatchResult behavior we created in this example transforms a ‘standard’ link_to to a link_to_remote with additional behavior on the onLoading and onComplete of the remote call. The view stays clean.


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