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On The (onAIR) Bus - Denvers stop live coverage!


Not really on the bus but at the onairbustour stop in Denver. Check out Flickr Tags (onairbustour and onair2007denver). Today’s agenda looks quite interested and there will lots of info regarding Adobe’s AIR technology. The Keynote by Ryan Stewart will start in 1 minutes. I’ll take some notes during the day…so check back!


Ryan now shows pownce (I am still waiting for my invite…I tried to get one via inviteshare but no success yet!). He shows the nice finetune application that has a nice AIR application to complement their website. He demoes a word processor (buzzword) created in Flex and AIR, ask your preview here.

Now Ryan shows the AIR Roadmap, next big steps is Max 2007. Beta 2 will be release around Max 2007 which will add functionality like Flash AIR Support. An AIR version support Linux appear in the AIR 1.x version.

Now back to Mike Chambers that will provide a technical introduction on AIR and will create a Hello World application. At the end of the presentation Mike points to http://code.google.com/p/onairbustour/ where the post the various applications they are building on the tour about the tour.

Kevin Hoyt – AIR application with javascript

What a slacker Kevin is…only two slides :-) No it’s pretty cool, Kevin is a hands on guys and is building some AIR javascript application live and shows some nice tricks.

I won’t transcode all the code he show, but there is a tight integration between javascript and actionscript. He shows how to call directly actionscript methods from javascript.

function doSave() {
var file = air.File.desktopDirectory.resolve(“denver.txt”)
air.FileStream().open (…) // some code left out.

So this is javascript and the air object allows access to Actionscript. In this case he is saving some text entered in htm l to the file system. Cool.

He presents Aptana and shows that they have some AIR integration. Check out Kevin’s blog

Kevin Hoyt – Another session on script bridging.

Kevin now builds a web browser in AIR/Flex that uses the mx:HTML component.

web.htmlControl.load(new URLRequest(address.text))

The following provides access to any public actionscript class described in library.swf to javascript.