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iPhone Web Development

I haven’t found much info on developing for the iPhone, but this link provides some good info. Here are some extracts:

I didn’t have to say in line to buy an iPhone, the Apple Store in Aspen Groove served everyone that was waiting in line in about 30 minutes, I just happened to go eat next to the Apple Store with my wife and kids ;-). So I just picked one up on the way to the Restaurant, zero wait. The store is open to midnight but there is not too much activity. I guess only geeks like me (or Sol) will try to pick one the first day, even while being fully aware of the limitations or the price. And this despite that I told everyone that in no way I will get one. Note, we have to test our different web applications on the new platform. ATT seems a little overwhelmed and iTunes provides me with a nice message that it will take a little longer and I will be notified by email when I can activate the phone. Note that I just received a follow-up email that telling me to that the phone will be activated by July 1st noon.

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