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From my perspective (as someone who has been doing Rails development full time for the past two years or so) it’s hard to believe, but there still are web developers who aren’t familiar with Rails. I was recently approached by an old friend about doing a training session on Mono. The last time we had been in close contact, I was exploring Mono and excited about the possibility of a .NET environment on Linux. Of course, that was before I discovered ActiveRecord and became a card-carrying Rails fan club member.

I told him that while that would probably be fun, I’d rather talk about something I didn’t have to learn for the presentation, and by the way, had he ever considered having a session on Rails? Well, I’m just back from the first segment of the course, which consisted of installing a Rails development stack in an Xubuntu virtual machine. Due to bandwidth limitations and a delayed start, that was all we accomplished tonight, but the remainder of the course (actually learning about Rails) will be in two weeks. We will provide a ready-to-go virtual machine to anyone interested in an introduction to Rails, and there are a few seats still available.

So if you or someone you know will be in the Denver area at 6:30 on June 28 (the day before the iPhone!), and have a couple of hours to be indoctrinated introduced to Rails, drop me a line [my gmail account is rubysolo].

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