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RailsConf 2007 - Day 2

Note: Check out the RailsConf Wiki and the presentation page

Chad Fowler is starting the keynote introduction. 1600 developers are at the keynote. He makes a passionate speech about how Rails is changing how we think about software and how Rails impacted the industry. An now Rich Kilmer introduces the person that introduced him to Textmate: DHH.

A peek at Rails 2.0

Celebrating what we have

Rails 2.0

map.namespace(:admin) do |admin
admin.resources :products,
:collection => {:inventory => :get},
:member => {:duplicte => :post},
:has_many => [:tags, :images, :variants],
:has_one => :seller

./script/generate scaffold persone name:string create_at:time

9 other things I like about rails 2:

1) Breakpoints are back (ruby_debug)

2) HTTP Performance

<%= javascript_include_tag :all, :cache => true >
= stylesheet_link_tag :all, :cache => true %>

3) Query cache. DHH loves free performance

4) action.mime_type.renderer

def index
respond_to do |format|

5) config/initializers. One file per configuration in initializers folder

6) Sexy migrations (just nicer)

create_table :people do |t|
t.integer :account_id
t.string :first_name, :last_name

7) HTTP Authentication. authenticate_or_request_with_http_basic

8) The MIT assumption. ./script/generate plugin now generates a default MIT license file.

9) Spring cleaning. Deprecated features of 1.2 will be removed. In-place editor will be moved to plugins.

That’s pretty much it. Thank you.

Building Community Focused Apps with Rails by Dan Benjamin

Rails is the ideal platform for Web 2.0. Fast prototyping and proof of concept. Prototype becomes the product. Conducive to collaboration with developers and designers. Dan is going to talk about Cork’d. Currently 20000 users.

Make a Plan.

Build the App.

Get Noticed

Recruit Members

Keep Them Coming Back for More

How We Used Apollo and Rails to (start to) Build an Agile Project Management App by Christopher Haupt and Chris Balley

They are part of Adobe’s Consumer Hosted Applications and Online Services group. They use whatever technology is right for the job, Flex, Rails and dozens of other technologies. They use Scrum and are geographically dispersed teams, in Germany, India, US.

Why Did We Choose Apollo and Rails?

Why not AJAX?

Now they are demoing Maptacular, an Apollo applications.

Combining Apollo and Rails: Communication

Combining Apollo and Rails: Quirks

Now they move on to Code Snippets. The sample code can be found on the Apollo Labs.

Chris now demonstrate some community create applications.

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