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Happy New Year!

A bit early? Just a couple of days. I just wanted to wish to all the readers of onrails.org and all the users of time.onrails.org and very nice holiday. Having some out of town friends and family over, I won't be checking too much my email nor doing too much development the next few days. I'll be heading up the mountains and do some snowboarding. What a Rails year it was! Thank you for my main customer Gatelys and specially their technical director Solomon White that allowed us to write some kick-ass Rails application during 2006, that was a fun ride. So what's in store for 2007? Nothing is finalized yet, so stay tuned for the first half of January as we may start reporting on some new projects. Also with Lee, we will tackle a new 'side' project using Rails. We will drive it further and build a viable business around it. Like for time.onrails.org we will report our progress on this blog. I will also continue investigating using Flex with Rails as it's a pretty powerful match and opens doors to some really cool applications. I will checkout deeper the Streamlined framework. And of course I will attend a couple of conferences like 360flex, RailsConf and RubyConf. We will try out other hosting services (I just signed up with MediaTemple). We will continue to closely follow the evolution of Edge Rails, specially the ActiveResources. So, stay tuned and see you next year for some more Ruby On Rails.
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