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RailsLogAnalyzer v0.2 for OSX - Faster, Better

Version 0.2 of the RailsLogAnalyzer is still a development version but a great improvement over my first prototype. This version has been rewritten from the ground up and doesn't use a database to store intermediate log file aggreation. RailsLogAnalyzerActionView.gif

Analyzing your log file data. Once the log file is loaded you will see a breakdown of your requests by year, month, and day. Click on the year, month, or day to see the controllers invocations during that period. Click on the controller in the chart to see the method invocations during the selected period. The method are further broken down based on their http methods (get, post, delete, ...). Note: loading a 10Mb production log file with 30000 requests takes about 10 seconds on my MacBook Pro. loading a 250Mb production log file with 530000 requests takes about 2 minutes. loading a 4.5Gb production log file with 11 million request takes about 45 minutes. The data is loaded in memory and must be reloaded once the application is closed. Download it here RailsLogAnalyzer_0.2.dmg (487KB) and let me know your findings at daniel@onrails.org

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