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Streamlined - Will ROCK the Rails World

Streamlined is an open source framework for quickly creating data-centric applications with Ruby on Rails. Today Justin Gehtland announced during his 'Ajax on Rails' talk that Streamlined will be released at OSCON in July. I can best describe Streamlined as 'dynamic scaffolding' done right. Streamlined is a model driven way of generating data centric UI's. Justin demoed how to create and modify a data entry application. It provides search, crud functionality, support relationship between model, and way more. The framework adheres to the convention over configuration approach and provides a default behavior of the application than can easily be refined and enhanced. As opposed to scaffolding it doesn't generate code for the controller but provides a basic behavior. This will ROCK the software development world and accelerate many projects.

From the Streamlined website:
In the Abendsen release, Streamlined has been focused on solving the problems of our customers and our internal projects. Right now, Streamlined is focused on:

This is the feature set we'll release at OSCON in July.
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