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RailsConf 2006 - Here we come!

Looking forward meeting you all in Chicago! There will be tons of great presentations, here is my selection:

10:45 Introduction to Capistrano
Mike Clark is just a great presenter
13:15 ??
Not sure yet
14:30 Monitoring Rails Applications in Production Environments
Too important to skim that one
15:45 Sneaking Rails into the (legacy) system
or Goeffrey's Rails Deployment on Shared Hosts
09:00 Ajax on Rails
Let's see what the 'man' has to say
10:15 Lessons from Blinksale and IconBuffet
I am eagerly waiting for some information on the Blinksale API
11:30 Lucene Eye for the Ruby Guy
We are using successfully Ferret, but Lee did all the programming, so it's time I do some catching up
14:45 Testing Migrations
I hesitate between this and the two other talks, but I got bit a couple of time with migrations. So any good advice is welcome.
9:00 Beyond DHTML: Introducing Laszlo on Rails
I am big fan of Flex and Laszlo, now that Laszlo can generate DHTML, let's see what Mike has to say.
10:15 Just the Facts (and Dimensions) -- using Rails with your OLAP data model
I had the chance of beeing part of a team that pionered the field before it was called that (back in 1987). And now I need to do some more data analysis for the soon to be releases OSX RailsLogAnalyser application (Flex+Rails). Looking forward to this talk.
11:30 Rails Takes on the Enterprise with SOA
Rails is a tuff sell to the enterprise. They invested to much into Java and .Net, so even if Rails is often a good fit, it's not even considered. So any additional ammunition to enter existing enterprises is welcome
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