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A source code browser

Browse::Source is a simple source code browsing application. It’s 100% based on Collaboa, it’s mostly the source code browser functionality but uses the file system rather than connecting to subversion.

I recently got a request from Justin to have access to some ‘old’ rails code (flexonrails) we wrote a while ago, and also Todd asked for the source code of autumnriders.
So I tried Collaboa but it requires to compile subversion from the source in order to have swig-rb. So I extracted the source code browser from Collaboa and removed the dependency on swig-rb. Now if all you need is to add simple source code browsing…then Browse::Source is what you need.

Well, we haven’t posted yet the two code bases mentionned above, but have a look at the source code browser source code Browse::Source

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