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Flex vs. ROR

Ed just asked me: "Why, ultimately would you say ROR is better than Flex? There’s a great debate at the moment.

My swiss style answer: "This is a very interresting question. I effectively use
both technologies with different customers on different projects. And
I like both, they have different strength. Flex 1.5 answers only the
UI question and doesn’t help with the persistence side of a project.
Flex 2.0 will provides some answers to the persistence integration
with their Enterprise Services. Flex is really awesome to build a
custom UI. Rails on the other hand provides lots of power if you have
control on the database schema and is a full “web” stack. It provides
a nice framework to build the views and provides some pretty powerfull
ways to create dynamic html pages. Rails can we very productive. So in
other words, I don’t prefer one over the other. It really depends on
the specifics of the problem to be solved, the technical expertise of
a customer and the future direction a customer wants to go to define
if one technology is more appropriate than another."

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